PUAOPE013 Operate communications systems and equipment

This unit covers the competency required to manage own work and to work effectively with other personnel in a public safety organisation.

Course Content

The course covers the following;


  • Operate communications systems and equipment
  • Workplace communication systems or process
  • Role and responsibilities of team members that perform duties in communication centre
  • Radio systems
  • Operator qualities
  • Basic functions performed
  • Aviation communication
  • Radio waves – Principles
  • Fireground radios
  • Using communications systems and equipment
  • Controlled network
  • Non controlled network
  • Trunking
  • Simulcast network
  • Simplex
  • Radio technologies
  • Base radios
  • Mobile radios
  • Emergency report for duty systems
  • Dealing with a bomb threat
  • Radio procedures
  • Training
  • Terms and wording
  • The 3CSs of communication
  • Transmitting a message
  • Operational incident radio communications
  • Common traffic advisory frequency
  • CTAF emergencies
  • Pilots point of view



2.5 Hours