Fire Academy Nigeria


Fire Academy Nigeria is delighted to announce that they have been awarded a Chapter from the Society of Fire Protection Engineers. This provides them with an exceptional organisational network and resources.  They aim to offer high level quality access to exceptional educational resources.


Fire Academy Nigeria is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) to serve as an independent, dynamic and innovative National Resource of excellence and expertise in fire services.

The Academy is capital intensive by way of infrastructures, equipment, human resources, awareness campaigns, student kits etc.

We need the generosity of good-spirited individuals, stakeholders and corporate bodies to assist us for operational running of the Academy properly. We also need funds for scholarships for indigent students. Many of these young graduates and others are interested in the scheme but have no financial capabilities.

This is an open call for corporate bodies and individuals to seize the opportunity to sponsor many indigent students.

Our dream has been true. Fire Academy Nigeria is a project for all of us irrespective of religion, ethnic or social status. All players of good will are welcome to support the Academy financially ($350 Million is urgently needed by our estimation to embark on this gigantic project.)

The frequent occurrences of fire incidents in Nigeria have become nothing short of a source of concern.

Fire incidents occurring in Nigeria between 2015 – 2020 have destroyed Trillions of Naira worth of properties across the country with loss of many lives.

Fire Academy Nigeria’s independent survey in Nigeria shows the majority of fire incidents are caused by ignorance and negligence which can be prevented if adequate security measures are put in place.


The Government cannot do the task of Fire Protection and Fire Safety all alone, judging by our population put at around 200 million people with various activities involving the use of electricity and fires. It is a process for all individuals within the family, workplace, market place, communities and indeed everywhere in the Country.

Establishing Fire Academy Nigeria has become imperative to check the decline of quality of personnel in the Fire Industry and to groom more hands to embark on an aggressive campaign to educate the general public about Fire Protection and Fire Safety.

Saving life and property is the Academy’s number one priority as many people are staying at home than ever before because of the COVID-19 Pandemic culminating in more usage of electricity appliances and fires. The Academy ensures resident’s safety by conducting an awareness fire safety campaign and also giving information and intelligence reports to the Government Fire Service Departments for timely prevention of fire incidents.

Fire Academy Nigeria was established in 2015 by the Accident Prevention Group of University of The Third Age – U3A Nigeria, a Non- Conventional University Chartered by the Association of International Universities of The Third Age (AUITA), in France, established in cooperation with International Labour Organization (ILO), The World Health Organization (WHO) and UNESCO.

Fire Academy Nigeria is committed towards the revitalization process that will make Nigeria Fire Service to be globally competitive and close the Skills gap in the Fire Industry.

It has a strong collaboration with many fire agencies and professional bodies around the world and works in partnership with the OYO STATE FIRE SERVICES AGENCY, THE FEDERAL FIRE SERVICE, THE NATIONAL DIRECTORATE of EMPLOYMENT (NDE), FIRE RISK CONSULTANCY (FRC) UK, among others.

The Academy believes – FIRE PROTECTION IS THE BEST APPROACH TO FIRE OUTBREAK. The hots are getting hotter and the dries are getting drier, the evidences are all around us i.e. Climate Change.

All hands must be on deck to prevent fire incidents in Nigeria and elsewhere.

Global Problems need Global Solutions.

FIRE ACADEMY NIGERIA’S MOTTO:   Succeeding Together.

Hon Advisors

Dr Charles Israel Afolabi JP

Director General

Fire Academy Nigeria

Engr Martrin Agbili (Agility)

R.Coren, MNSE, FNISafetyE, fcirsm, FIMC-CMC

Director/Chief Fire Officer 

Anambra State Fire Service

Dr Eleni Anakopoulou PhD, MECH, Engineering

University of Central Lancashire UK

Prof Francois Vellas, PhD

Global president Association of International Universities of the third age (AIUTA) France

His grace Most Rev. Dr Gabriel Leke Abegunrin

 Catholic Archbishop Metropolitan See of Ibadan

David Ware 

BEng (Hons) FIFireE  Managing Director Fire Risk Consultancy Ltd

Partner Fire Academy Nigeria

The commissioner of Police

CP A.Indabawa